Frequently Asked Questions

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No need to worry during your exam at Radzwill Optometric Associates, it’s easy.  Using advanced wave light auto refracting technology, light is bounced off the back of your eye.  This gives our doctors an estimate of your prescription that’s over 95% accurate without you saying one word.  From there Dr. Radzwill or his associate doctors will guide you on every lens choice you make.  Each lens selection will be checked multiple times, to verify you’ve chosen the correct lens.  Finally, our state-of-the-art computer refraction system will show you your current eyeglass prescription verse the new prescription you’ve selected before your glasses are even made.  You’ll be able to see exactly how your vision will improve with your new prescription in a matter of seconds.  We pride ourselves on making it easy, making you comfortable throughout the process, and giving you confidence in the prescription you choose. With a proven track record, we ensure your vision and eye health are in trusted hands.

Not at our office!  We pride ourselves on on-time appointment times.  We know your time is important and we don’t want to waste it.  Not only are we timely, but your entire exam process generally takes less than 30 minutes. 

Yes and no, generally dilation is a good idea.  However, you can decline any test you choose.  Dr. Radzwill will show you a photo of the back of your eye, which captures the area of most ocular health problems of the retina.  He’ll discuss with you your risk factors for problems which may only be uncovered using dilation.  You can then choose if the process is right for you or not.  Also, you’re able to reschedule dilation for another day if you decide you want to have it, but your exam day is not convenient for you due to work or plans you may have. 

I’m interested in using contact lenses but don’t want to pay addition for fitting because I don’t know if I’ll even like wearing them or be able to put them in my eyes. No need to worry!  Contact lenses are a great option to enjoy some freedom from glasses.  If contact lenses interest you, Dr. Radzwill will put a pair of lenses on your eyes with your prescription.  You can feel what they’re like, see what your vision looks like, and spend a few minutes in them.  Then you can decide if they’re your cup of tea or not.  If you like them, we’ll teach you how to use them, give you solution and cases to use, and you’ll try them for a few days and return to discuss further and fine tune if needed. 

The doctor never spends time with me and doesn’t explain things. Clearly, you’ve never visited us here.  Please look at our reviews and you’ll see the underlying theme of explaining your eyes, your ocular health, and answering any questions you may have.  We pride ourselves on helping you understand with easy, clear explanations so you can take better care of your eye health.

You guessed it, right here.  Dr. Radzwill is certified in ocular disease management.  He’ll prescribe medicated eye drops or oral antibiotics depending on your needs.

Hopefully, but we do have many private pay patients as well.  There are two types of insurance vision and medical insurance, and we take both.  Some of the most popular plans we accept are EyeMed, VSP, United Healthcare, Aetna, Humana, Medicare, and many more.  We also have discounted exams for members of AAA, AARP, and other associations.  Feel free to call us to learn more.

Dr. Radzwill is a big proponent of Laser Vision Correction and Clear Lens Exchange surgery (also known as laser assisted multifocal implant surgery).  Dr. Radzwill has had laser surgery himself and can discuss these options in detail with you.  Dr. Radzwill has co-managed hundreds of patients with different surgeons throughout the years and can do so for you as well if you decide this is the best option for you.