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Easy Eye Check Ups

Dr. Radzwill has been performing comprehensive eye examinations for 20 years. His office is located within LensCrafters in the Galleria Mall. We're here to give you a great experience, so you can see better and better understand your eyes.

We Make You Comfortable

We're here to serve you and help you with your eye exam experience 7 days a week. Our experienced team makes it easy for you. No more worrying if you picked the wrong lens. Dr. Radzwill will walk you through your exam step by step and then review your final lens choices.

Providers with Track Record

Dr. Radzwill has been practicing at this location for 18 years. Dr. Koganovsky and Dr. Hardy are also part of the team. Dr. Hardy covers one day per week as does Dr. Koganovsky. Both doctors have over 20 years of experience and have been with the practice for about ten years. We're all here to help and provide you with an excellent exam experience.

We Can Definitely Help !

We want to help you achieve great vision and evaluate your eye health. In addition to comprehensive exams we treat eye diseases and provide laser and cataract consultations. Our partner, LensCrafters, can make most prescription glasses in one hour with the prescription we provide you with following your exam.

Cutting Edge Optometry

Our office has been a pioneer in eye care for almost twenty years and we continue that tradition with the latest equipment and diagnostic tools to evaluate, diagnose and treat eye related disease.

Large Selection

We are located within LensCrafters and partner with them to provide you with a large selection of frames and lenses. We make it easy to find the glasses or contacts that are right for you.

Great with Kids

We love seeing kids here and try to make it fun for them. We begin seeing children at five years of age. Kids can get nervous about having eye examinations and we make the process easy and comfortable for them.

Busy? Online Forms

We know managing a family schedule is time consuming. Want to speed up your appointment, let us help. download and fill out medical forms right from our website. That way you can make the most time out of your next office vist. In and out!

Radzwill Optometric Associates Medical Forms

Radzwill Medical Form

Dilated Examination

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Dr. Radzwill welcomes you to our website. We are a local and privately owned full service eye care center located within LensCrafters. Established in 1997, Dr. Eric Radzwill has had the privilege of helping thousands of people see better, and better understand their eyes. When you visit our office you will experience firsthand, a personal touch with a highly qualified and caring staff. We take the time to discuss your individual needs and all your options to obtain the best eye health care and eyewear that you deserve. We look forward to seeing you.
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